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Professional Certified Training Courses

A range of professionally certified training courses ideal for anyone who wishes to extend their skills & services

Modern Stress Management Professional Two Day Training Course £450

Make the most of your future and manage your stress NOW with Modern Stress Management Professional Training.  Become a certificated and licenced Modern Stress Management Professional taking you, your team and your business to the next level. Receiving training in Modern Stress Management supports you not only in managing your own stress it will also enable you to lead others from stress to success too. This training allows you to teach others the Modern Stress Management Foundation Training supporting you to make an even bigger impact on the world!  

This training includes:

• Advanced ‘Self’ Stress Management for the MSM practitioner

• Creating personalised Modern Stress Management plans for individual clients

• Creating Modern Stress Management plans for relationships, groups and teams

• Creating Modern Stress Management programs for business and institutions

Comprised of 8 units and is highly interactive throughout

1. Modern stress Management: Stress to Success

2. Wonderful Structures

3. Spheres of Influence

4. Modern Leadership

5. Heart Centred Stress Management

6. Custom Stress Management Programs

7. The Trillion Dollar Market

8. Unimaginable Success

This is a Two Day Certified, Certificated and Licenced Training Course. Your investment is £450 which includes One Year Professional Membership to The Guild of Energists and comprehensive Modern Stress Management Training Manual

**Pre-requisite Training: Energy EFT Master Practitioner/Modern Energy Tapping Professional 3 Day Training

**Pre-requisite reading: Trillion Dollar Stress Solution by Silvia Hartmann 

Modern Stress Management  Professional Training Dates

17th - 18th March | 12th - 13th May | 9th - 10th July or 21st - 22nd July | 5th - 6th August | 25th - 26th September | 7th - 8th October | 31st October - 1st November | 2nd - 3rd December or by request

Energy EFT Master Practitioner/Modern Energy Tapping Professional 3 Day Professional Training £495

Mastering Outstanding Skills for Life: Become a licenced Energy Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner and take your life and your business to the next level.

Whether you want to expand your therapy practice as a professional, offer Energy EFT to support those you work with or simply learn additional stress management techniques for yourself and your family, Energy EFT enables you to manage life’s stresses as and when they hit.This 3-day training provides the opportunity for personal and professional development as well as an invitation for further training in Modern Stress Management Professional Training. 

Used as a successful self-help tool or indeed for supporting others to manage energy body stress the benefits often leading to a reduction or elimination to emotional overwhelm which often goes alongside stress and symptoms of.

Energy EFT improves energy flow. Most of us can relate to time when we’ve felt happy, joyous, excited and ‘on top of the world’ - it’s out natural state, that is until we let life’s stressors get in the way and this popular training not only supports you to increase your awareness of energy it also helps you to raise and improve your own energy levels so that you feel happier more of the time.

When you have more energy your performance improves, you achieve more, your social and leadership skills come to the fore, your physical, mental and spiritual well-being elevates, you become happier, more carefree, light hearted, fun and best of all you become a master of your emotions rather than a slave to stress and I guess you want more of that, am I right?

Energy EFT is simple, it can be used anytime, anywhere and in any place. It’s empowering, flexible, energising, quick and easy to apply. It is readily available at your fingertips, portable and works on reducing all emotional stressors such as anger, depression, jealousy, anxiety, sadness and general emotional overwhelm. How does it get any better than that?

Course Units:

Level 1: Discovering EFT

1 - Discovering EFT

2 - Reversing Energy Body Stress

3 - The EFT Story

4 - The Professional EFT Practitioner

Level 2: Intermediate EFT

5 - Extremely Focused Treatments

6 - Working with Aspects

7 - Emotions & Energy

8 – Events

Level 3: Advanced EFT

9 - Mind Changes

10 - Energetic Relationships

11 - Autogenic Reality

12 - The EFT Master Practitioner

Energy EFT! Make an enormous difference to your life and the lives of those you care about using this amazing and powerful technique to put you back in control of your life.

**Pre-requisite training: Energy EFT Foundation  

**Pre-requisite reading ‘Energy EFT’ by Silvia Hartmann, available at  

Energy EFT Master Practitioner/Modern Energy Tapping Professional Training Dates

30th April - 2nd May |  6th - 8th July  |  22nd - 24th September 28th - 30th October | 16th - 19th November or by request

Modern Energy Coach One Day Training £447

Developing Winners - Your Springboard to Success!

Learn unique and life changing principles with Modern Energy Coaching creating powerful results for both you and your clients.  Become a Modern Energy Coach and take your life and your business to the next level.

Deepen and enrich your existing skill set in theory and practice learning new techniques to empower, energise, champion and enable your clients to transcend ever further in the direction of their goals and dreams.  Be one of the first in the next generation of Modern Energy Coaches helping successful people to become even more successful, abundant and limitless.

As a Modern Energy Coach, you are teaching others methods to further their success, achievement and accomplishment.  Energy management not only supports you to be your best in all situations it teaches you how to use energy effectively and efficiently to successfully reach those all-important goals.

If you want to achieve more and are passionate about helping others to do the same then Modern Energy Coaching Training is for you!

Set yourself inspiring goals and know by taking this training this is your springboard to more joy, more abundance and even more success.  Start off as you mean to go on, take action, evolve ever further and transform your life and your business to the next level as a Modern Energy Coach.

Course Units:

1: The Champion

2: The Coaching Process

3: Achieving Success

4: The Modern Energy Coach

Modern Energy Coaching - Helping you and your clients evolve!

** Please note pre-requisite training** Taking either Modern Energy Tapping Professional/Energy EFT Tapping Professional or Modern Stress Management Professional and subsequent Foundation training courses.  If you're serious about becoming a Modern Energy Coach certified by The Guild of Energists this training is for you 

Modern Energy Coach Training Dates

26th May | 30th June | 13th October or by request

Wendy Fry is an accredited and licenced trainer for The Guild of Energists 

All training courses run from 9:30 to 5pm and are inclusive of full colour training manual and one years membership to the Guild of Energists.  Membership includes access to a huge range of information about energy, energy healing modalities and research as well as monthly newsletter, quarterly magazine 'The Energist' and many offers and promotional offers on a wonderful reading list of books and products available at the GoE.

Private tuition in any of the trainings is also available by arrangement.  If planned dates do not suit your agenda I am able to travel  to your location and deliver workshops and trainings for groups of 10 people as a minimum or 1-2-1 with an additional fee. Contact for T&C's. 

Cancellation Policy for training Courses You will be reserved the right to a full refund during the first 14 days after your payment has been received and before taking any training course or workshop. Thereafter, no refunds are possible, however if you give seven days’ notice if you cannot attend a training, 100% of your fee will be credited towards your booking of a future course by the same title to be used within 12 months of the date of cancellation of the original training course date previously booked.