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Coaching & Therapy Services are available in-person in Sutton, Surrey UK and by phone UK wide and via Skype internationally. 

Do you want  feel less stressed and Be more Positive and in control of your life and emotions?

You are in the right place if you are seeking support & guidance with any of the following 

Overcoming Anxiety & Depression 

Improving Assertiveness & Motivation

Coping with Bereavement & Loss

Career Choices & Life Purpose

Children, Teenagers & Family Support

Increasing Confidence & Self-esteem 

Resolving Conflicts

Improving Communications

Emotional Support & Building Resilience

Overcoming Fears, Habits and Phobias

Improving Health & Well-being

Mid-Life, Life Change & Ageing

Relationship Support & Guidance

Self-Image & Self Identity Support

Starting or Improving a Holistic or Therapy Business

Stress Management

Trauma Support

Weight Management & Craving Reduction

Women's Issues 

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Coaching & Therapy Services  are available in-person in Sutton, Surrey and Worthing UK.  By phone UK wide and via Skype internationally

Wendy Fry Emotional Health Coach & Relationship Consultant, Speaker, Ghostwriter and Author of Write from Your Heart,  Find YOU, Find LOVE  and Mothers and Daughters  specialises in working with women, children & teenagers who are ready to make positive, lasting change in their lives.

Services: Life & Performance Coaching, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Stress Management, Hypnotherapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Matrix Reimprinting, Picture Tapping Technique, Matrix Birth Reimprinting, Future Life Progression, Past Life Regression, Reiki, Specialist Techniques and Processes developed by Wendy Fry.  All services are available in-person in Sutton, Surrey, UK and internationally via Skype. 

Writing Services: Ghostwriting services for self-help, health & well-being, mind-body & spirit, information style workbooks, memoirs, text books and children's books are also available. 

Contact with regards to your project www.wendyfry.com All ghost-writing research and services are undertaken by Wendy Fry and not outsourced  

Medical/Legal Disclaimer

Information on this website is not intended to replace medical advice.

I encourage you to make your own health care decisions based upon your own research and that of a medical or mental health practitioner if you have any concerns about your health. In working together you are solely responsible for your own well-being at all times both in and out of appointments.

Emotional Health Consultant of the Year 2020: Wendy Fry Best Parental Relationship Advice Publication 2020: Mothers and Daughters by Wendy Fry