4 Keys to Confidence


4 Keys to Success

This programme can be taken weekly or monthly to suit your needs. 

The 4 x 90 minute 'in person' or via Skype appointments is educational by design and will teach you the fundamentals of Modern Stress Management, Energy EFT/Modern Energy Tapping, EMO (Energy in Motion) and Picture Tapping Technique. 

If working over Skype, 'Picture Tapping Technique' will be replaced with alternative self-help techniques as this is an in-person option only. 

This support programme is experiential and is structured to teach you various self-help techniques so you can then apply them yourself outside of support sessions thus becoming your own personal coach.  

This is an educational learning programme rather than personal therapy and is ideal if you have already had some therapeutic support and simply want to gain new tools for your continued personal development.  This programme is non-certificated and is for self-help only.

For training courses at Foundation or Professional level please visit the courses pages on this website for various support options

When purchasing this programme please include your full name, contact number and email address, thank you.