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Eleven Beautiful Guided Meditations


This full series of eleven beautiful guided meditations setting you free from the past to live in the now, will be sent to you via WeTransfer for you to download and keep. 

Each of these recordings are approx. thirty minutes long

Negative Memory Release

Fed up with reliving experiences from the past over and over? How often are you overwhelmed by your emotions or other people’s? Whatever it is that’s stopping you from living a joy filled life this guided meditation will support you in detaching from anger, anxiety, guilt, shame and so much more. Begin today, act and leave your past in the past and continue life’s journey in a more positive, happy, confident and content frame of mind.

Anger Release

Learn the art of controlling your anger. Anger is a healthy emotion if used wisely and this guided meditation will help you to release unresolved anger at the deepest level. Anger hurts you more so than anyone else; it eats away at us and robs us of valuable time and energy. Listen to this audio to release past and current anger. Set yourself free today

Saying Goodbye

Losing someone we love whether through relationship break up or death is often one of the most difficult things we must go through. This guided meditation is ideal if you want to come to terms with a relationship ending or indeed finding a way to say goodbye to a loved one who has passed away. Allow yourself to grieve fully the emotions within and gain acceptance of what has come to pass

Emotional Calm

Worn out with being at the mercy of your emotions, sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Ready to experience more fun and joy in your life? This emotional calmness meditation will provide you with feeling freedom from your overwhelming emotions, allowing you to attain emotional calmness in any situation wherever you are.

Fear Release

When fear becomes destructive, it stops you from achieving the things in life which are important to you. Whether it’s a desire for happier relationships, improved health and emotional well-being or simply living a more abundant life fear has a lot to answer to. This guided meditation will support you in letting go of what’s been weighing you down and moving past your past and enabling you to create for yourself a happier future


We all at some time experience negative life events, situations and people and we know we would not to want to go through those experiences again. Often, part of us holds onto what happened as a form of self-protection - the trouble is the ‘good stuff’ in life doesn’t have a chance of getting through the barriers we have put up. This guided meditation leads you to a place where you can draw a line under your past, supporting you to move forward to create a life free from the pain which resides within.

Guilt Release

Guilt has a way of festering inside; it stops us living in the present and keeps us stuck in the past. Holding onto guilt not only hurts you, it stops you living a healthier and happier life. Use this guided meditation to let go of wherever it is you have been holding onto and end the pain and misery today. Making a mistake is part of life’s learning and by releasing guilt you are not only wiser you are free from the past which binds you.

Healing the Inner Child

Within you lives an ‘Inner Child’ with unmet needs, hopes and dreams. A child who may have experienced lack of love, affection, acceptance, praise, or being valued or accepted. You and your inner child have been waiting for a long time to feel heard, supported, encouraged and loved unconditionally and this beautiful guided meditation will support you in healing the hurt within, setting your inner child free to live life with a sense of fun and curiosity. Don’t put off until tomorrow what you could do today, your inner child will be grateful to you.

Rebuilding Trust

Trust issues? Limiting beliefs about yourself or others? Scared of being hurt, let, down, disappointed or rejected? You are not alone. If you’ve lost that loving feeling this guided meditation is designed specifically for you to connect with that part of you who wants to love and be loved, that part of you who wants to trust again and is unsure where to start. This beautiful recording will guide you to a place of understanding and offer you hope for the future.

Back to the Womb

This delightful guided meditation takes you back to experience connection with your birth mother bringing you together to bond and to receive her love and nurturance. Regardless of your past or present circumstances with your mother this audio will guide you back home to you, the place where love resides, connecting you with a never-ending fountain of love within.


Whatever your struggles, doubts or insecurities this guided meditation leads you to experiencing feelings of calm, relaxation and inner peace wherever you are. When you connect with the stillness within you can shut out all negative influences from entering your life. Today is the first day of the rest of your life and I know your future self will benefit from increased self-belief. 

** Please allow up to two working days from the date of your order for the files to be sent to you for download via WeTransfer.  

 RRP is £110, your investment is just £49.