Modern Energy Healing Session


Modern Energy Healing Session - 60 Mins

Hands on Healing (or working around the energy body in energy field) **In Person Only** Sutton, Surrey

This comfortably seated or standing healing session lasting up to sixty minutes will offer restorative benefits using Modern Energy Healing

The power of healing, therapeutic touch can never be under estimated. Healing sessions are an opportunity to experience restorative healing to the energy body to release build up of emotions, distress and any energy body problem or imbalance.

You do not need to talk about the problem you may be experiencing as this healing session is designed for energy work removing much of the 'talk therapy' model. We simply work with the energy body to regain balance, restore well-being and increase joy and optimism for life and living.

I offer any range of the following experiences which are components of The Modern Energy Healer Two Day Training Course:
Meet YOUR Extraordinary Energy Body!

Revealing The Magical Healer Within

Receiving Modern Energy Healing

The Beautiful Touch

Healing In The Energy Universe

Energy Constellations

Soul Healing

These units for training purposes can also be broken down into hourly education modules when booking the full training**In person Only.

Distant Healing Sessions offering Reiki Healing is also available or you to receive in the comfort of your chosen location. Modern Energy Healing is in person only.

** For physical body problems, aches, pains and health symptoms we can explore if there is an energy imbalance related to this