Ninety Miniute Taster Sessions


Ninety Miniute Taster Sessions in any of the following single options are available:

EMO (Energy in Motion) experiential 

Modern Energy Tapping (Utilising Energy EFT) experiential 

Modern Stress Management and Energy Body Awareness - Educational  


Taster sessions can be exerienced in person in Sutton, Surrey.  By phone UK or internationally via Skype and offer you a brief overview of each process and the benefits you can experience in these taster sessions. 

(EMO Energy-in-Motion) helps you release the build-up of emotional overwhelm and stress. Modern Energy Tapping turns problems into solutions and is also fun to do.  Modern Stress Management and Education of the Energy Body is perfect for helping you understand your stressors and how to measure where you are on the energy scale. You can read more about the full content of EMO, Modern Energy Tapping and Modern Stress Management on the self-help and professional training courses pages.