SuperMind Master Taster Session


This wonderful SuperMind Master Taster session lasting up to sixty miniutes is perfect for you if you wish to evolve a problem and find a solution using the power of your SuperMind.  

In this taster session, we are going to improve the energy and information flow between the conscious mind and the energy mind to the point where "The SuperMind" comes into being.  This is the natural, original "thinking system" of the human mind, and when it kicks into action, wonderful things start to happen.

This is a taster session from the SuperMind Masters course which is all about (re)learning to set our natural, inborn intelligence free to start solving old problems, answer old questions and create new and better questions which will lead us to the next level of personal evolution.

Through a wonderful sequence of exciting, easy exercises, we start to improve energy flow and with this, information flow. We learn amazing new things and it feels wonderful when "sparkling new ideas" and "creativity" starts to flow, yet it's only energy!

You can read more about SuperMind Masters Training course and the long term benefits in the Professional Training Course page of this website 

This taster session is available in person in Sutton, Surrey.  Via phone UK or by Skype internationally