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Write from Your Heart


Write from Your Heart

Paperback Inclusive of UK P&P

You have a story to tell. A unique message to share. An authentic voice waiting to speak and be heard. Your stories. Your Truth. The words of your heart matter. Now is the time to set them free.

Becoming an author is an emotional journey. This easy to apply writing guide includes powerful principles to help you overcome the fear of writing, encouraging you to keep your name on the page and your words flowing. Whether you’re an aspiring author, structuring content for a blog or want to fall in love with writing the practical exercises shared within Write from Your Heart will inspire you to move out of your own way and empower your author voice within.

Imaginative ideas will teach you how to put pen to paper to grow into the habit of writing daily maximising your health, your relationships, your career and your life as a writer. Delightful prompts encourage you to look forward to the journaling process and help you recognise the positive impact heart-centred expression brings.

Write from Your Heart Includes: 

  • Processes to boost creative flow before you write and publish your first book
  • Guidelines to support you in finding your preferred journaling style
  • Writing invitations to aid personal transformation and healing
  • Topic ideas to keep you engaged on your writing journey
  • Exercises to tap into the source of your innate creativity
  • Action steps to confidently express your unique voice
  • Tips to integrate journaling into your daily routine
  • Prompts to set your author voice free

Now, you can break through limiting beliefs about your writing ability saying no to writer’s block and yes to understanding how to write for pleasure and consider writing as a professional author in any genre.  

You will learn effective techniques and strategies used by the author to help hundreds of people like you write content for their first book or at least complete the one they started.

Your words and your story matter. You know it’s time to discover and share your author’s voice within. Write from Your Heart will show you how.

Wendy Fry - Writing Coach, Ghostwriter and Therapist with over twenty years in the writing and wellbeing industry will empower you to set and achieve your aspiring author goals. Offering transformational, simple, and practical strategies you will discover your innate confidence and creativity to attract the success you deserve.

Benefits of Using Write from Your Heart Methodology

‘’There is a possibility that I could fall in love with writing.  Your work and teachings are so powerful.’’ Louise.

‘’All I can say is “WOW” what an inspiring person you are. Sometimes the little tips and those amazing MASSIVE shifts can be so valuable.’’ Ann.

‘’I realise with a bit more dedication those books I’ve started will get middles and the ones in mid-stage will get endings when I put my heart and mind to it! Cheers.’’ Martin.

‘’Your support encouraged me to have more confidence in a writing routine and getting the material I teach into written form.’’ Lydia.

‘’You have provided an incredible foundation as a platform for my book going forward.’’ Christine

‘’I was reluctant at first to start writing my book.  With your encouragement, I remembered how writing helped me reclaim ‘me’ again.  I almost cannot stop!’’ Susie

Supporting you on your author’s journey.  Now, is the time to write from your heart!