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Modern Stress Management Foundation One Day Training Course 

Unlock Your Full Potential with the Modern Stress Management Foundation One Day Training Course. The first step in Modern Stress Management Training Courses.  Investment £150 Per Person Group Training.  Contact for 1-2-1 Training Investment. 

De-stress, re-charge and achieve inspiring goals set from high energy states. Increase productivity, creativity and success using stress awareness and reduction techniques.  Ideal for companies, Groups, Teams and Individuals for Personal and Business success   

Modern Stress Management Foundation Training – Feedback

Q: What would you say to others about the benefits of taking the training? 

A: The training is designed to be used in a simplified and accessible way in which we can all take immediate action over our lives. Thank you. Christine

A: It gives you to tools to take control of any situation that is stressful. I enjoyed hearing what others had to say about their experiences of stress and learning from others too. Angela

A: Thank you for the wonderful day! I keep thinking about it. It was very relaxed and at the same time we have done a lot of work. Margo

A: If you want to find a different way of approaching stress and personal understanding then this is the course for you. Thank you so much for making a difference, a huge difference. Julie

A: The training gives important clues about how to face stress and increase one’s level of energy. Thank you so much for this day, everything was useful, I was fully satisfied. Rosette 

Modern Stress Management Professional Certified Training 

Enabling you to manage your personal stress and that of your teams as a Modern Stress Management Professional

Ideal for CEO's, HR, Team Leaders, Heads of Schools, Social Workers, Therapists, Emergency Services, Caring Professions and Business Owners

Become a Certificated and Licenced MSM Professional taking you, your team and your business to the next level. This is a five day training requirement which gives you the opportunity to deliver your own Modern Stress Management Foundation Trainings.

Investment £945 Per Person.  Available as a 1-2-1 Personalised or Group Training Course  

** Pre-requisite training for Modern Stress Management Professional: Energy EFT or Modern Energy Tapping Foundation 

Student Feedback from taking the Modern Stress Management Professional Training or bespoke workshop 

''This was head and shoulders above my other trainings over 17 years, a brilliant teacher and 100% content and very well lead '' Julian

‘’The workshop was delivered at the right level as Wendy knew her audience and obviously cares about what she does. It was an engaging session with some clear and simple ideas on how to manage stress. Thank you for helping the Chelsea Football Club Foundation, Edge of the Box Club Wendy''  Carl Southwell Employability & Enterprise Manager

Tailored Support Programmes and VIP Packages are also available   

Contact to discuss your needs, to book your place on the next Foundation or Professional training course or select your preferred training dates.  

Effective, Long lasting, Life Changing strategies to manage stress because you, your health and your happiness matters! 

Modern Stress Management Foundation Training with Wendy Fry
Modern Stress Management Professional Training with Wendy Fry