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Author & Ghostwriting Services

Whether you’re an aspiring or published author as a writing coach I’m here to empower you to set and achieve your writing goals.  Offering transformational, simple and practical strategies together we will tap into your innate confidence and creativity to attract the success you truly deserve.

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Working in partnership sharing your message, your passion and your purpose 

It is said we all have a book inside us and you are in the right place if you are seeking the support of an experienced author and ghost-writer with a background spanning over twenty years in the area of self-help, health & well-being, personal and professional development. 

Writing your book and sharing your personal message has unlimited potential. Whether it's a single book or a series of books to reach your target audience, raise your professional profile or leave a positive legacy behind with my support and your commitment we can turn your book from an idea and dream into reality! 

As an experienced writer, therapist and emotional health consultant in the well-being industry working with mind, body and spirit, Wendy fully understands the variety of problems faced in real life. There are times when it seems impossible for people to pick themselves up after a set back and often reach out for support to feel heard, accepted and understood. It could be your book which is the antidote to healing offering your readers an opportunity to transform their lives and in doing so turn problems into solutions. 

Wendy knows from her personal life and what her clients share, when there is something seemingly tangible to hold onto whatever the challenge or obstacle, it’s possible to find a way through out of the darkness and into the light.  Your unique message, your passion and purpose may well be the difference that makes the difference. 

Your readers are waiting for you! 


Now is the time to say YES to getting your book out there!  There is no better time than NOW.  Whether it's your biography, a transformation book, self-help book, an information style workbook, memoir, training manuals or a children's book, help is at hand.  Wendy offers an unparalleled consultation and ghost-writing service working with you and for you, in partnership.  Sharing your message, your passion and your purpose!

Wendy works with heart centred aspiring authors who have a passionate message to share and who want to make a difference to humanity by leaving a positive legacy of change behind.

Reach out and make contact if:

  • You are a heart centred entrepreneur 
  • You have a unique message to share
  • You desire to help others succeed 
  • You are a creative change maker 
  • You have great ideas and end goals
  • You are a positive ‘what’s possible’ thinker
  • You want to raise your game 
  • You have the funds to get started on your book
  • You are committed to making time to work in partnership with me
  • You have information to share with me in the form of ideas, existing books, blogs, articles, video’s or talks so that I have a feel for you and the message you wish to share

Begin with the end in mind. What's the best that can happen when your book ideas and dreams come to fruition and are a reality?  

With a range of options for ghost-writing your first book or complete series, let’s set up an initial meeting to discuss your project.  

Add your details including your name and your location/time zone to the contact box below and let’s get started. 

Award Winning Author

Emotional Health Consultant of the Year 2020: Wendy Fry Best Parental Relationship Advice Publication 2020: Mothers and Daughters by Wendy Fry


 Wendy Fry Amazon Bestselling Author of Write from Your Heart,  Find YOU, Find LOVE featured in The Daily Express and Mothers and Daughters

Co-author of Awaken Your True Potential, EFT for Everyone and Key Contributor to Transform Your Beliefs, Transform Your Life.   
Due to the nature and confidentiality of ghost-writing additional publications are not listed here.  

Disclaimer: Ghostwriting services are provided by Wendy Fry and becomes the clients property once delivered.  Wendy Fry does not hold any ownership rights once your work is successfully self-published or accepted by a publishing house.